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...that in Rome live
17.418 Filippinos
10.873 Americans
8.244 Poles
7.863 Spaniards
6.372 Britons
6.368 Indians?
(Source: City Council)
Study Abroad Italy


Have you ever wanted to study abroad in italy? If yes then you should book a course right away!

Studying in Italy long term is a fantastic experience for anyone. Italy has a lot to offer in many of its great cities like Florence, Milan, Rome & Siena.

If your passion is art, fashion, food & drink then italy is a no brainer to visit and study.

Study abroad programs are very popular in Italy and one reason is the historically stellar education offered by Italy:

  • Italy has been a leader in higher education for a very long time thanks to the University of Salerno which was established in the 9th century and opened in 1088.

  • After achieving a 'laurea' (bachelor's degree), a most of the Italian students go on to earn a 'laurea specialistica' (master's degree).
  • Italy is always working to greater improve the higher education it gives to its students who visit around the world.

Perhaps the best Study Abroad Course provider in Rome is Eternal City Education. This provider boasts some of the most qualified lecturers in Italy with many of them being world leaders in their field as detailed on their website. They offer courses ranging from 7 days up to 75 days which include accommodation in a private villa, transportation, learning excursions to multiple cities throughout Italy, art lessons, language lessons, and even culinary classes. The Eternal City Education team offer superb value for money, with 5 star ratings on TripAdvisor. This company even offer individual guided tours focusing on the growth of Western Civilization to fund a Scholarship Fund. Check out what they offer at

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Rome Explorer - The eternal city in a mouse click
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