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You can choose which view you would like to see by clicking on Choose a View option, selecting a view from the drop down menu, and then clicking on Change View. There are views form the top of the hotel to the Colosseum, The Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia and over Via dei Fori Imperiale.

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Almost 2000 years ago, Emperor Vespasiano built the Colosseum in rome - a giant oval stadium that was capable of holding over 50,000 spectators. Th Colosseum was inaugurated in 80AD by Vespasiano's son, Titus, with a series of games that lasted 100 days and nights. The Colosseum was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre.

Senate and Mamertine Prison

Senate, the home of democracy! The place where the senators met for their political meetings. Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony have all been inside here. This particular building has been burned down many times and rebuilt. In the middle ages it was converted into a church, but in the 1930s it was given back to rome and the people of rome but it was in such a bad state it was knocked down and rebuilt using as much of the original material and bricks as possible to keep it as original as possible. The floor inside is still the original dating to around 200 a.d. It is very basic inside. Just one room with three steps on both sides running almost whole length of building. The senators used these steps as seats. When they had to vote on something they would stand up and move to one side of the building which meant they were saying yes. The other side to saying no. It was a lot easier to do a head count that way. At busy times there were up to 300 senators in the Senate.

Mamertine prison

This was the p lace where St Peter and St Paul were held before their crucifixation. Plaques on wall near entrance detail the people who were held here and sometimes killed and the method of death, starvation, strangulation etc. Below ground level there is the stone that Peter and Paul were chained to and a small shrine.

Basilica Maxentius

Emperor Maxentius was building this as his palace but never saw it finished. It was at time when Roman empire split into two parts east and west. Maxentius here in Rome in the West. Constantine in the East. These two Emperors went to war against each other here in Rome at the battle of the Milvian bridge December 28 312 a.d. Constantine killed and defeated Maxentius and then just spent six months finishing the palace off and so sometimes it is called basilica Constantine

Palatine Hill

Platform on palatine hill giving fantastic view of the Roman Forum the centre of Rome for 1000 years. Under the platform we can see the arches that were part of the palace of Tiberius, Romes 2nd Emperor


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