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What's On in July & August 2013 Rome

For Events in Rome through 2013 click here.

Main Events

5th June until 31st July - Rock in Roma Festival

Music (Pop, Rock & Other)

Festival Suona Francese
Where - Parco della Musica
When - now until July

Where - Stadio Olimpico
When - 6th July

Where - Foro Italico
When - 9th July

Arctic Monkeys - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 10th July

Bruce Springstein - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 11th July

Where - Foro Italico
When - 12th July

Mark Knopfler - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 13th July

Smashing Pumpkins - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 14th July

Atoms for Peace - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 16th July

Where - Stadio Olimpico
When - 16th July

Depeche Mode - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 20th July

Deep Purple - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 22nd July

Roger Waters - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 28th July

Blur - Rock in Roma
Where - Ippodromo le Campannelle
When - 29th July

Music (Classical & Opera)

Carmen: Rome Festival
Where - Palazzo Sora
When - 6th July

La Traviata : Rome Festival
Where - Palazzo Sora
When - 7th July

Baths of Caracalla Concert Season
Where - Baths of Caracalla
When - daily until 25th July

Ennio Morriocone at Caracalla
Where - Baths of Caracalla
When - 25th July

Macerata Opera Festival !!
Where - Sferisterio
When - 19th July - 10th August

Japanese Music Fest
Where - Auditorium Parco della Musica
When - 22nd - 23rd July


Surf Expo 15th Edition.
Where - S. Severa Beach
When - 26-28th July


Rome Fringe Festival .
Where - Villa Mercede, Via Tiburtina, 113
When - now until 14th July

Mojito Festival !!
Where - Campo Boario, Testaccio
When - 13th - 20th July

Macerata Opera Festival !!
Where - Sferisterio
When - 19th July - 10th August

Japanese Music Fest
Where - Auditorium Parco della Musica
When - 22nd - 23rd July

Rome Vintage Village.
Where - Parco San Sebastiano (near Baths of Caracalla)
When - now - 18th August

Rome Meets the World - International Music Festival next to lake of Villa Ada.
Where - Villa Ada
When - now - 30th July


Isola del Cinema - cinema exhibitions
Where - Isola Tiberina
When - now until 1st September

Sounds and Visions of Caravaggio
Where - Palazzo Doria Pamphilj
When - 13th

Buddhist Sculpture in Japan - photographic exhibition
Where - Japanese Institute of Culture - Via Antonio Gramsci 74
When - now
- 31st July

International Festival of Literature .
Where - Basilica of Maxentius, Roman Forum
When - Until 3rd July

Helmut Newton - 200 photographs from the collections White Women, Sleepless Nights and Big Nudes.
Where - Palazzo delle Esposizioni
When - Until 21st July

Summer Nights at Castel S. Angelo - free tours at night in multiple languages with opera, pop and classical music concerts every Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun from 21:30.
Where - Castel Sant Angelo
When - 2nd July - 8th September

Constantine 313 AD - Exhibition on one of Rome's greatest emperors and perhaps arguably one of the greatest influences on the world and Christianity.
Where - Musei Capitolini Palazzo Caffarelli
When - Until 15th September

10 Fantastic Things to Do in Rome in Summer

From the beginning of June until the end of July, Rome is host to some of the most famous pop and rock groups on the planet.  The festival – known as Rock in Roma ( – is an extravaganza of great bands, great music and great atmosphere.  Some of the artists performing include Toto (21st June); Korn (25th June); Iggy Pop (4th July); Arctic Monkeys (10th July); Bruce Springstein (11th July); Smashing Pumpkins (14th July); Atoms for Peace (16th July); Deep Purple (22nd July), Neil Young (26th July); and Blur (29th July)!!!  Just for good measure, Muse (6th July), Sting (9th July) and Morcheeba (12th July) are also strutting their stuff at other venues in the Eternal City.

In contrast to the thrashing and pulsating youth culture entertained by the groups above, Rome is also host to a more cultured music festival held in the beautiful park of Villa Ada (  Amongst the lush green surroundings and next to the gorgeous lake, musicians, groups and bands play a range of music and this happens every evening.  In addition to the excellent music and a picnic, guests can also enjoy food stalls, book stalls and other events all designed to chill you out and enjoy the peace and culture of one of Rome’s best festivals.

Parties that reach back into the mists of time – that’s what we want!!  The summer in Rome sees 3 of the biggest parties in the Church calendar namely 23rd June – the Feast of St John the Baptist, 29th June – the Feast of Sts Peter & Paul and 15th August – the Feast of the Assumption of the Madonna.  One of the biggest and oldest basilicas in Rome is the Basilica of San Giovanni (St John) and therefore on the 23rd and 24th June there are big celebrations in the square in front of the Basilica including the scoffing of steamed snails, wine – naturally, and other forms of entertainment.  The Feast of Sts Peter & Paul however holds a special place in the hearts of Romans as they are also the patronal saints of the city.  Each year the city has a public holiday on 29th June although this year it falls on a Saturday.  All manner of celebrations occur at St Peters Basilica and the Basilica of St Paul outside the walls where their bodies lie, and Romans generally socialise and enjoy this feast.  Finally the other major feast of the Assumption is also a public holiday with processions of the Madonna through the streets and all manner of festivities. 

Anyone who comes to Rome absolutely must visit the stupendous Basilica of St Peter witnessing the art & architecture of Michelangelo and Bernini amongst other masters, and seeing the bones of St Peter.  Situated in the Vatican visitors should also see the breathtaking Vatican Museums which culminate in the viewing of Michelangelo's masterful ceiling in the Sistine Chapel of God stretching out to touch the hand of Adam and man failing to try to touch the Hand of God.

When people think of Rome they usually think of a maze of cobbled streets, or the Coliseum, or St Peters or crazy traffic, but few people realise how close to lots of beaches Rome actually is.  In the hot summer months, hoards of Romans pour out of Rome onto the train and travel around 40 minutes to their favourite sandy spot and work to perfect their tans.  The most notable destinations are Lido di Ostia or Cristoforo Colombo (with direct trains from Termini for just 1.50 Euros) and Fregene.  Soak up the Italian sun, enjoy the sandy beaches tan yourself silly!!

Synonymous with Rome, this icon of the Roman Empire and its military and gladiatorial past is truly a sight to behold.  Remarkably beautiful when the sun kisses the stone, the Coliseum is a must-see in Rome and has the added benefit that it's adjacent to the Imperial Roman Forum and numerous ancient Basilica's which are also fantastic places to visit.  Of course the Coliseum has witnessed rivers of blood in it's time, none more historically important than the blood of countless Christian martyrs who were slaughtered here and which means that now, the Church considers the site to be holy ground.  Make your visit and immerse yourself in the history of the building and surroundings and the sheer awesomeness of the building and the age of the city, truly hit home.  Unmissable.

From 15th June until 1st September the banks of the River Tiber from Trastevere to Testaccio is lined with tents and stalls offering all manner of entertainment and refreshment in the warm summer months.  Restaurants, bars, fairground stalls, cinema performances and a whole host of other events and productions draw droves of Romans to idle along enjoying a cocktail or some fun and one of the best of the summer events in Rome.  Known as the ‘Lungo il Tevere’ ( this event is well worth a visit.

Trastevere is a district of Rome that is famous with visitors due to its charming Italian character, maze of cobbled streets, vast array of restaurants and bars and just a lively Italian atmosphere.  The church of Santa Maria in Trastevere is a golden gem well worth a visit, but after this intake of culture, beauty and history, you can stroll around and enjoy a lovely meal or a cool glass of wine watching la vita bella before your eyes.  Monti however is just as charming with just as good restaurants and bars but is, as yet, largely undiscovered by tourists.  Bohemian and young in its atmosphere, Monti is actually one of the oldest parts of Rome and is where Julius Caesar was born!  We highly recommend this area.

Peek-a-boo!!  Journey to the top of the Aventine Hill next to Circo Massimo and you may find a line of people queuing to look through a keyhole.  Don't worry - they're not perverted peeping Toms but have found a truly amazing view of 3 separate sovereign states.  Take a look for yourself to see what lies beyond the keyhole...

Rome can be extremely hot in the summer and although there is the draw of the beach to keep cool, some people don’t like getting sand in their sandwiches and other sensitive places.  To keep cool and yet still be able to soak up the sun however is the job of swimming pools!  Rome has a number of swimming pools open to the public for guests to relax with friends, enjoy a barbeque or simply splash around like demented whales.  The most notable water attraction is Hydromania ( – a huge water park just outside of Rome with water slides, Jacuzzi pools, wave pools and fun in the sun

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