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Rome Pub Crawls

The Pub Crawls offer some of the best value for money drinking in Rome. Aimed at 18-30s (though everybody's welcome), the Rome Pub Crawls visit several of the bars, pubs and clubs of the historical centre and, because they bring in large groups, you get free or discounted drinks all night.

Ideal for young people looking to connect and push the boat out in Rome, out of sight of home, family and friends, and enjoy a bit of hedonistic debauchery they way it used to be. After all, this is the birthplace of the orgy...

Rome Pub Crawl
Colosseum / Homer's Pub Crawl
Rome(ing) Tours Pub Crawl

A typical Pub Crawl will begin at the rendezvous point some time after dinner - when you contact the operator of your choice they'll give you the full details. The meeting point will be some large public area like outside the Colosseum metro station.

The cost is usually �5 - �10 per person and you'll begin the evening with some free drinks - beer or spirits and mixers - in the open air while you wait for everybody to show up.

When it's time to go your guides will lead you and your fellow revellers - by now you'll be acquainted - to the first watering hole. Some Pub Crawls offer free t-shirts as part of the deal, but almost all will give you something that identifies you as one of their 'pub crawlers' - whether it be a stamp on the hand or some kind of pin badge. This is your ticket to cheap and free drinks for the rest of the night.

The usual deal is that your first drink in every bar you visit is free. After that, you pay for your drinks until it's time to move on with the group to the next bar.

So, plenty of free drinks, plenty of beautiful, young drunken English speakers just like you and the liveliest bars in the Eternal City (well, they are now!). Sounds like a plan, though maybe not the night before a Vatican tour�

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